About Esposito Construction Inc.


Brian started in the construction industry, in 1990, as a Carpenter Apprentice. He worked for Wallner Builders, a small High End Residential Remodeling firm who self preformed much of their work. This gave Brian a broad view of all that goes into a construction project. Brian also had the opportunity to work with a seasoned veteran carpenter who trained him to look at every detail of a project, no matter how big or how small. When Brian asked his trainer if a detail was "good enough" the answer from his mentor was a simple question, "Is it perfect? Because perfect is the only "Good enough" we accept". That was the beginning of years of training that Brian received from this mentor. And the beginning of what defines Brian's work...The Difference is in the Details.

After four years working in residential remodeling Brian took his skills into the Commercial side of the business. Brian's commercial experience had him working on schools, churches, department stores and restaurants. Some of these projects were remodels and others were new construction. As diversified as the projects were their locations, from large cities such as Chicago, to small Midwestern farm towns. This experience was very beneficial to Brian regarding managing budgets of multiple projects and negotiating contracts with General and sub-contractors.

In 2005 Brian and his wife, Leslie, relocated to Bluffton, SC to enjoy everything the Low Country has to offer. Since moving South, Brian has returned to his construction roots, working in Residential Construction, once again, with some of the finest Home builders, Sub-contractors and Suppliers in the country.

In July of 2008 after 18 years in the business Brian and his wife Leslie decided to go for Brian's lifelong Dream of opening his own Construction Business. Today Esposito Construction Inc. is a small diversified construction company that contracts Residential Renovations / New Construction along with Commercial Renovations / New Construction. Esposito Construction, Inc is a small company and plans to stay a small company to ensure we can provide the level of detail and service that Brian has put into every project that he has built, both while employed by others and in his new business.


Leslie graduated college from Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, MN, with a Bachelors degree in Sculpture and creative writing. After college she worked in customer service oriented positions, ranging from Non-Profit development work to managing a high-end jewelry store. While in these positions Leslie continued to dabble in sculpture. When Leslie met her husband, Brian, in the spring of 2002, Brian started to train her eye to notice the fine details of construction. From looking at the finished product, which surrounds us all every day, to attending ground breakings, when a dream is just beginning, Leslie began to draw parallels between her personal love for sculpture and Brian's love for construction. Both are art forms being built from a dream on paper to a three dimensional finished product.

Leslie feels fortunate to work side by side with Brian, as though she were his apprentice, in order to learn some of the art which has led us to take the leap to build our own dream of Esposito Construction, Inc. She is excited to contribute to their team with her many years of customer service and management positions, by running the office and bringing her creative touch to every project.

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