Esposito Construction built our ocean front home approx. 4 years ago. While we have always been extremely pleased with the quality of construction of our home, a recent experience - Hurricane Matthew - reinforced just how great the construction provided by Esposito really is. We had absolutely zero issues through a Category 3 hurricane. As a demonstration of their caring, Esposito came to our home immediately after the hurricane while we were evacuated from Hilton Head Island. Their report that our home was undamaged provided the peace of mind we needed. Bottom line - a terrific home builder who truly cares about their clients.


Brian and Leslie,

Thank you for the awesome job you did on our home. You took a “Hilton Head Original” and made it a home we can be proud of. By updating it, but still retaining its Hilton Head roots. We have received many compliments from our guests. They love it and we do too!

Thank you also to your wonderful staff. They’re an important part of your success.

All the Best,


Note, Sent to Brian while constructing their home on Myrtle Island in Bluffton, SC while employed by Genesis Construction, Inc.

"Brian, Whenever we drive away from Bluffton we leave with the utmost confidence in the work you are doing. Thank you for every detail you watch so closely, those we know about and many that we do not. It is your care and professionalism that adds to the quality of the project and makes it even more beautiful."


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